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Based on the proven reliability of PIH-7000(17X optical lens) / PIH-7600(22X optical lens) color domes and result of years research & development, in 2003 we are again launching a new day & night dome : PIH-7625 (25X optical lens), to provide a solution for 24 hours surveillance applications

PIH-7625 equips with a 25X optical zoom lens adopting Sony Exview CCD and retractable IR filter, automatically switch from high resolution color to high resolution monochrome when light drops below 3 Lux. Additionally PIH-7625s on-screen menus offers easier and more configuration options such as : BLC zone selection, Auto White Balance mode selection, Zoom Speeds selection, Picture Quality adjustment...Etc.

Li Lins Fast Dome series measure only 145mm (5.6") in diameter and is capable of making 360 degrees continuous rotation with a speed range of 0.18 to 360 degrees per second, ensures direct and accurate target positioning. When required the dome can be quickly spun throught 180 degrees, an important feature when something passes directly under the camera.

Up to 128 preset positions can be programmed and recalled with an accuracy of 0.25 degrees. First 16 presets can be divided into 4 groups for auto touring with individual setting for speed and dwell time.

Each Fast Dome has 6 alarm inputs (expandable to 64) can drive the dome to any position in under second. A local alarm output can be configured as NO or NC and two types of alarm response mode provide flexible alarm management. RS-485 control interface makes our fast dome cameras easy to fit into our exist systems and compatible with other manufacturerss control systems.

Li Lins Fast Dome series are fully-functional and user-friendly. It will meet your need for a wide range ofsurveillance applications.


0 17X Auto Focus Lens (PIH-7000)

Build-in 17X optical zoom lens with focal length 3.9 ~ 66.3mm 0 22X Auto Focus Lens (PIH-7600)

Build-in 22X optical zoom lens with focal length 3.9 ~ 85.4mm 0 25X Auto Focus Lens (PIH-7625)

Build-in25Xopticalzoomlens withfocallength3.8 ~95.0mm 0 Automatic / Manual Iris Control 0 360 continuous rotation 0 Up to 128 programmable preset positions 0 Preset positions auto scanning

0 Highspeed rotation and tilt, speed range varies from 0.18/sec ~ 360 /sec 0 180 Horizontal Instant Flip

0 6 alarminputs, 1 alarmoutputcanbe setas NO(normallyopen) orNC (normallyclose) for each Fast Dome

0 Two types ofalarmresponse mode:LockMode, Release Mode 0 Build in 1/4"CCDhigh resolution DSP colour camera:

17X & 22X optical lens models:

1.480 TV Lines high resolution

2. 0.8 Lux high sensitivity

3. White Balance Control

(Auto White Balance and Manual White Balance(Indoor/Outdoor))

4. Back Light Compensation (ON/OFF)

5. Auto Gain Control (ON/OFF) 25X optical lens model:

1. Color / Mono Switch (IR Cut Filter) ON-*- Color OFF * Mono

AUTO -* Switch from color to mono when light drops below 3 lux.

2. 480 TV Lines (Color); 570 TV Lines (Mono)

3. 0.1Lux (Color) ;0.01Lux (Mono)

4. On-Screen Setup Menu , 21 high sens setting items.

5. White Balance Control : Auto Correction , Auto Tracking , Fix (Indoor/Outdoor)

6. Back Light Compensation (On/Off)

7. Back Light Compensation Zone (Top , Bottom , Left , Right)

8. Auto Gam Control: 8dB (low), 22dB (medium), 36dB (hgih)

9. 8 levels Brightness Adjustment

10. 16 levels Content Adjustment

11. Aperture Correction Adjustment

12. Flickerless : On/Off

13. Sensitivity Enhancement : On/Off

• RS-485 control interface

• Up to 64 Fast Dome configuration

• Compatible with PC control (protocol required)

• 12Vdc voltage input (power supply options: 90 ~ 260Vac or 24Vac)

• Flexible Mounting: Indoor - embedded and attached types, Outdoor - with weather resistant housing

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