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Step 7 Attach Camera Body and Base

• Reconnect the connection cable

• Attach camera body to base

• Turn camera body • Tighten the three clockwise to high screws to fix the

position camera body

Step 8 Install The Dome Cover and Housing Cover

• Attach the cover to housing

•Tightenthe3 screwstofixthecover

Note :WhenFastDome is installedinside outdoorhousing, please dontattachdome cover. Violation may affect camera performance.

Step 9 Attach PSU and Bracket

• Attach the housing

backto PSUbox

• Insert the bolt into the hinge and tighten

Step 10 Connection

• Connect the fan & heater cable to pin jack

• Connect the Fast Dome cable to connection jack

Step 11 Install The Power Box, Bracket and Housing PIH-510H

• Attach the bracket and housing to the box

f Jr\ i

• Tighten the 4 screws to fix the bracket


Li Lins integrated Fast Dome Surveillance System is suitable for a wide range of surveillance applications. The system cam be as single fast dome with one keyboard or encompassing as 64 domes with comprehensive matrix switching, PC control and even Digital Video Recording. Such flexibility means future expansion is easily facilitated.

Fast Dome and Keyboard

Single dome configuration: One Fast Dome Camera connects to one PIH-800II or PIH-801.

Telemetry control is sent via twisted pair between Dome and Keyboard.

Video signal from the dome is sent to monitor or multiplexer or quad or switcher.



® §

. 1

1С 12V

Keyboard Controller


RS-485 Connection

1st pin TXDI+ of RS-485 jack at back of the keyboard connects to TXDI+ of RS-485 jack on fast dome.

2nd pin TXDI- of RS-485 jack at back of the keyboard connects to TXDI- of RS-485 jack on fast dome.

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